Interracial relationships have been on the rise, and they are expected to grow further. That is why even authors write books about them. Interracial erotic stories will mainly feature sexual relationships between or among people of different races or ethnicities.

Even though some fit the stereotype of black male and white female or vice versa, interracial sex stories refer to whichever kind of mixed-race sexual relations. They can be between people of any race or nationality, whether African, Caucasian, Indian, White, Black, etc. Take a look at our picks below.

Make Me Yours, by Olivia Houde

 Make Me Yours is a story that will have your heart pounding, and that will keep you engaged. Join Rochelle and Lamar as they navigate the journey to true love. Rochelle is an insurance adjuster working for a promotion. Lamar is CEO of a multibillion-dollar computer software company. The two are mainly career-driven and are not interested in finding a serious relationship.

But what happens when people destined for love meet? They meet after a tragic accident takes place and kills a young child. Even though they are not in the most desired or expected package, they are the right package. Should they allow other people’s opinions, judgments, and perceptions to guide their journey? Or, should they focus on being happy?

This story is packed with emotions of joy, heartbreak, intense betrayal, and loss. Some may call this the circle of life. However, being understanding, forgiving, and in love will draw these two together and forever.

Flying High, by Olivia T. Turner

If you have read Olivia Turner’s work, you know she does not disappoint. Flying High is another of her works, and it is love at first sight kind of story. Nia is on a vacation that seems to have been sent from hell. Even though it is an all-paid-expense vacation on the beautiful Maui island, it completely sucks. Her coworkers also make it worse and make her hate it even more. They all are crazy, as she thinks.

However, everything will change when they get ready for a helicopter tour. Jack Caine, the dominant pilot, is super-hot, and with just a glance, he gets obsessed with her. Nia is stunning. Sooner than later, Nia is kidnapped. They are heading to a secluded area of the island, and there, there is no way to escape. Not that she would want to. This vacation turns out to be what Nia needed, and Jack is just the kind of man she has always wanted.

His Perfect Mate, by Emily Mercury

Emma Pierson is not your average employee. She works as a professional escort and caters to the elite and rich in the upscale Bravely Way. Her cold-hearted nature is not anything anybody would want. Furthermore, she has a lustful appetite that cannot seem to be quenched. She moves from man to man as she searches for the satisfaction she seemingly does not find ever.

The moment she meets Marcus, her lustful and boastful character awakens once more. But can Marcus and the wolf inside of him be able to satisfy her needs? Marcus has never fallen in love with any human or mate, for that matter. However, he is also lust-driven. Everything will change when he falls in love with Emma. He will have to fight for her since she is the love of his life.

The Pursuit of…, by Courtney Milan

A diverse romance that is fun and easy to read. Its novella format is filled with humor, and you will love the characters. Even though it's short, it will make a considerable impression on you.

What is possibly common between an invalided Black American soldier and a white British soldier who left his post? Several things, actually. For one, they tried to kill each other the very first time they met. Also, having to be on a five-hundred-mile journey together and inexplicably, they can try the same thing again. Are they falling in love with each other? Oh, no. Yes, they are.

John and Henry have great personalities, and they are totally different. These are two people you would never think would fit or understand one another. Contrary, you won't help but fall in love with them during the journey. You will not even be mad that you are rooting for them. You will be absorbed till the end.

Bearlebrity, by Terry Bolryder

Riley Hart, a celebrity and bear, has never thought he deserved a mate like Leslie. He is not even looking for love in Bearstone Park. His plan is actually to get out of there as soon as he can before his past can overwhelm him. However, upon meeting Leslie, who is a local bartender, leaving will not be as easy as he had initially thought and planned.

Leslie has been a resident in a small tourist town, and she is used to men who come and go. But, it's not every day you have a chance with a sexy movie star, she figures. She also knows that Riley is not the kind to stay, and her heart could easily be broken. However, she decides that this night with her fantasy is risk-worthy. The night becomes something more, and they both must decide what extent they will go for the relationship that is now blooming. A man from Leslie’s past shows up, and Riley will have to conquer his childhood demons to protect his lover.

Lunchtime Chronicles, by L. Loren

Harley may be interested in older men, but she does not have to sleep with them for little value. When her best friend coerces her into spending her birthday weekend on a luxurious yacht packed with sugar daddies, she is greatly embarrassed. When Mateus mistakes her for his next sugar baby, he saves the day. He is silver-haired and too fine. She will not stop until she can have him. He has more class and is smarter than some of the sugar daddies. All she now wants is for him to take her to his cabin and own her.

For Mateus, Harley is off-limits since she is a charter guest on this yacht. He can’t make out what his feelings are. Love at first sight or lust. The game changes when another man lays hands-on Harley, Mateus is thrown into full protective mode. He wins the game, and now Harley is his. He is never letting her go. It is only her that can quench his insatiable thirst.

Full Swedish Massage, by Chanice Austin

You will love and want more of this vivid story. The characters are great, and they will allow you to get into their minds and relate with them. It is hot, erotic, and you will not be sorry you read it.

Mischa is a lover of being in control. She is also a corporate executive, and this job depends on her willingness to take the lead. She earns herself a vacation and goes to a remote island. There, she will meet with Abbi, who will be her masseuse.

He is her exact opposite. He is sweet and tender.  He gives her whatever she needs and everything she needs to become better. He cares for her so much that it makes her shiver. She tries to apologize for her undesirable behavior. Will she be able to let go of the reins and allow Abbi to give her what she needs? Mischa admits that she does not know what she is doing since her fiancé had an affair.

My Dark Secret, by Aspen Berry

My Dark Secret is a scandalous must-read. Aspen has kept it exciting and made it what every reader wants, a perfect fantasy. Emily has almost had the perfect marriage. When her husband informs her that an old college buddy will be staying over, she is initially against the idea. They are trying for a baby, and for her, there is no way a stranger would be on the other side of the very thin walls. But this will not be how the story ends.

When she gets the chance to encounter the seductive Andre, everything begins to change. He is charming and huge. Emily will try her very best to fight the growing curiosity. After all, she is a good wife, and Andre will not be staying long. He is in town for one week for the opening of a new gym franchise. However, can she be strong enough to resist her urges when other circumstances conspire and bring them together?


Books that are developed using interracial sex stories will depict sexual interests among the characters. Like other books, they are exciting and with insightful stories. They will give you a glimpse of what being in these relationships is like and widen your perspective. Characters will have differences, but the love shared will be more than the issue of ethnicity, race or color. We provided you with short books and stories that you can even finish in one sitting. Grab yourself a copy or even try to read it all. You will be glad you did.