Do you ever imagined medieval princesses without their gowns? Or what a princess really desires after a medieval ball? We all love a good steamy story. It does not matter in what genre it is in, but history and the past offers a lot of exciting situations and myths. If you are looking for the best steamy historical romances for this year, you’re in the right place!

Ready yourself for a wild night in a castle, because this is going to be a fun ride.

The Forgotten Duke, by Sophie Barnes

Carlton Guthrie decides to help a runaway bride after he encounters her in the London slums. This may seem like a normal thing to do, but Carlton decided to help her because she’s the daughter of a renowned figure, The Earl of Hedgewick, and this is the perfect way to pull off his revenge plan on him. However, Carlton starts to get feelings for Regina, who is an innocent beauty in his opinion. As the two of them get to know each other, Regina finds out that Carlton is also a man that she could love.

The Rakess: Society of Sirens, by Scarlett Peckham

What do you do when men have been treating you with nothing but disrespect your entire life? For Seraphina Arden, you join the Society of Sirens and become a Rakess – a woman who fights for justice by being scandalous. When Seraphina strikes a one-month deal with Adam Anderson, he does not expect it at all, especially since he’s raised in a wholesome way. After spending one night as temporary lovers, Adam and Seraphina find out that their wounds are cut too deep after all, and the only way to heal them is by being with each other.

Erotcia Bible: Genesis Part I, by L.W. Boudreaux

This book is an erotic retelling of the first stories in the Old Testament. The author wanted to mix the elements of the Bible with natural sexuality. The characters are kinky and mostly were not afraid to show it to those around them. This version of the Old Testament is all but boring, readers will be eager to re-read the old stories in a much higher temperature set.

Chasing Cassandra: The Ravenels, by Lisa Kleypas

Tom Severin is someone who can get anything and anyone he pleases. With his overwhelming wealth and power, he thinks that he can easily find the wife he will marry. As he sees Cassandra Ravenel, he does his best to get her attention – but Cassandra wants love in a marriage, which is something that Tom cannot give. When Cassandra faces an unfortunate situation, it is now time for Tom to impress her with everything he’s got. Will he be able to succeed in the quest for Cassandra’s heart?

The Devil Comes Courting, by Courtney Milan

Cpt. Grayson Hunter is one of the fiercest competitors when it comes to the first telegraphic network that will launch worldwide. As soon as he hears about the brilliance of Amelia Smith, he tries his best to get her in his team. However, Amelia is not looking for employment, but there is something about Grayson’s persuasive attitude that makes Amelia realize that she wants him on another level. The only thing is, Grayson’s heart is far from being soft, and she’s willing to crack her way into it, one way or another.

Never Kiss a Duke, by Megan Frampton

Sebastian de Silva’s life is not supposed to be this way. He was born to be the Duke of Hasford, and since the only thing that’s good about him is his charm, he lost everything to the complications life threw at him. As Sebastian wanders into an established gambling den, he meets Miss Ivy, a young lady who instantly hired him when she found out about his situation. Their relationship is purely professional, but their bodies do not want to keep it that way.

The Duke Redemption, by Grace Callaway

Lady Beatrice Woodhouse is one of the most astonishing women you will ever find in London. She has always been shaped to be an elegant lady, but after a horrifying accident, her dreams are shattered, and she flees into the countryside to build a shelter that caters to society’s outcasts. Since her share of the land is quite huge, industrialist Wickham Murray wants to buy her land for a huge business venture. However, their negotiations did not go as planned, and their dealings turned out to be a lot more personal than professional.

First Comes Scandal, by Julia Quinn

Marriage is not the best idea for Georgiana Brigerton, but when her reputation is facing constant threats, she is given two options – be a spinster for the rest of her life, or marry the person who ruined it. Of course, there is another option, and his name is Nicholas Rokesby, the boy-next-door who is also the earl’s fourth son. Nicholas proposes a convenient marriage to Georgie, but she refuses because she didn’t want anyone standing up for her. As fate would have it, they would end up in each other's arms after all.

All Scot and Bothered, by Kerrigan Byrne

A strong-willed and determined man, Cassius Gerard Ramsay is one of the most notable Scots who has ever walked the streets of London. He is leading an on-going investigation to find out what’s going on inside a notorious gaming empire, only to find out that it’s owned by the most desirable woman he will ever meet. Cecelia Teague was raised to be two women at once – a lady by day and a gambler at night. How will she keep the passion between her and Lord Ramsay while her whole life is threatened by what he does?

Two Rogues Make a Right: Seducing the Sedgwicks, by Cat Sebastian

Will Sedgwick has been looking for Martin Easterbrook for quite a while, only to find out that his best friend has been hiding out in the attic like a deranged person. Since Will has loved this guy ever since they were kids, he takes Martin on a vacation to nurse him back to health. What he didn’t know was, Martin has also been having intimate feelings with him ever since, and being in the countryside with Will was the best experience he could ever have. Will the two of them embrace their love from each other, or will they keep a restricting lifestyle, just as they did in the past? If you are looking for a M/M romance this book is definitely a good choice.

The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows: Feminine Pursuits, by Olivia Waite

Agatha Griffin’s printing business has been experiencing a decline for quite a while, and when she finds a thousand bees in her warehouse, it doesn’t make things better. Aside from juggling the rising taxes and suppressing radical printers, she has to face these stubborn things inside her second home. Thankfully, Agatha was able to call up the best beekeeper (Penelope Flood) she could find for help, and when she sees her, Penelope must have been a queen bee because she stung her real good.

As the two of them get together, they realize that there is something else going on between them. However, Penelope has a husband who hasn’t been home for quite a while. Now, Agatha and Penelope are burdened with a choice. Would it be too late for them to fight for their love, or is this exciting adventure something new that they could add to their life?


The feeling you get while reading love stories is so rewarding. It’s even better if there’s a bit of spiciness in them. Whenever you are looking for good reads, just go back to this article. You’ll never know when you have to look for the best steamy historical romances for 2020 and 2021 again, so you gotta make sure you noted this!