Alpha male romance is suitable for everyone out there. It is the type of romance that women crave for, as well as the type of romance that men dream about. There are obviously a few front runners out there that have also had movie versions. At the end of the day, nothing beats a classic. All in all, here are some of the top-rated titles out there.

Love After Pain, by Olivia Houde

This is the first installment in what is said to be an extraordinary series. If you think alpha males are all about domination and hurting feelings, you are wrong. This book will change your perception about being an alpha male means and being a role model for others is a must.

This book tells the story from the start. It tells the reader where strong women get their independence and hard attitude from. You will go through all kinds of relationships, enemies, lovers and even love at first sight. There are more stories coming together in one, so the book never gets boring.

Romance will follow throughout the book, from start to finish. You will find it in all shapes. You will find out what it takes to be an alpha man, as well as what you need in order to tame one. Furthermore, get ready to go from one feeling to another – a book for everyone out there.

Lover Awakened, by J. R. Ward

This is the first book in the Black Dagger Neighborhood series and a must read to hook you in. The action takes place in New York, where an unusual war takes place between vampires and vampire slayers. Then, the story follows a band of brothers – six vampires who would do anything to survive.

Zsadist is the leader of the band. He used to be a blood slave and his past is still bringing back nightmares. He is renowned for his sinister habits and everyone fears him. He loves anger and he gets along with terror. But one day, he decides to rescue an aristocrat and everything changes.

Bella is triggered by Zsadist’s power, but also frightened. Their desire for each other keeps changing, yet Zsadist’s plans are slightly different. The two will have to work together to make it, while Bella will now have to help the vampire overcome his past.

Reflected in You, by Sylvia Day

This is the type of book that you will read over and over again and the best part is it keeps getting better. It follows the sensual story of Gideon and Eva. This is the second book in the Crossfire series. You can read the first one to familiarize yourself with the characters, but it is not mandatory.

Gideon seems perfect on the outside, but his inside is what ruins him. His inner nightmares and damage affect everything he does. With all these, his outside is flawless and he can draw positive attention straight away, becoming an addiction for those around him.

Eva’s past is just as dark. Eva has had her soul broken in a million pieces too. The relationship is less likely to work – there is simply too much pain involved. However, there are also moments when everything seems to fall together.

Until November, by Aurora Rose Reynolds

This contemporary erotica book is the first in the Until series. The story follows November’s life. November is trying to meet her father, who lives in a small, quiet town. She leaves her busy life and memories back in Tennessee and discovers a brand new world.

Her father runs a strip club and she starts working there. She does the books. One day, she ends up in the club during the opening hours and she meets Asher. He is far from what she would like from a man, especially since he starts making assumptions.

Fate has something else in mind. Asher has always been a playboy. He wants November now, but it looks like she is too hard to get. However, he is only trying to protect her. Will the two end up together? Will their relationship survive?

Motorcycle Man, by Kristen Ashley

Alpha male romance is less likely to get more intense than in this book. The story follows Tyra’s story. Tyra’s life was not the best – she had to struggle and she had all the drama in the world. But now, she is finally ready to move on and start a new life.

One day, things work in her favor because she actually meets the man of her life. He is full of tattoos and muscles, but he also rides a motorcycle. The two hook up, causing fireworks – the best sex of her life and plenty of drinks.

 However, she knows that alcohol was not responsible for what happened. She knows that she wants this man, who happens to be her boss too. Kane has a rule though – he does not sleep with employees. When he finds out she actually works for him, he decides to fire her. That is when the story becomes exciting…

Beneath This Man, by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This book is part of a trilogy. The This Man trilogy takes alpha male romance to another level. While you do not necessarily need to read the first book, it would help. All in all, the story follows Jesse Ward. He loves Ava O’Shea and he has managed to keep her away from his dark past.

Instead, Jesse has always covered her with love and passion. But then, she had to leave him. It was probably the only way she could get fixed. However, Jesse decides to come back into her life and the passion is triggered again.

She decides to give it another try, but she wants more than just passion and intensity. She wants to discover his past, as well as his dark secrets. Believe it or not, this is exactly what Jesse wants – he wants her to rediscover him as he truly is.

On Dublin Street, by Samantha Young

This is the first book in the series and will pleasantly surprise you with Jocelyn’s story. She has managed to keep her past secrets. Only she knows what she had to endure throughout her life and she does not want to let anyone in.

Jocelyn left the USA, leaving in Scotland now. She started a new life. She is alone now, but her lifestyle works well for her. However, things change when she moves into an apartment on Dublin Street. One of her neighbors is about to change everything she thought she knew about herself.

Braden is used to get whoever he wants and he is after Jocelyn now. He knows that she does not want a relationship though. Therefore, he proposes an agreement where both of them can get rid of the sexual tension – no strings attached. Such things are less likely to work though…

Valiant, by Laurann Dohner

The third book in the New Species series is probably the best one. Tammy has always been ready for whatever hit her. However, an alpha male entering her life is far from what she expected. He is erotic, sexy and incredibly charming – the first time Tammy has actually been speechless.

Valiant has a secret though. He has always hated humans, but seeing Tammy changes his perception a little. He will have to reevaluate his feelings. He can feel her fear and purity and he is tempted to take it further, despite his feelings.

As she gets closer, he realizes everything he believed in was wrong. His whole life was about to change – her life as well. One thing leads to another and Tammy ends up in Valiant’s bed. Now, he will try anything to get her to stick to him forever.

Feral Sins, by Suzanne Wright

This contemporary erotica book will surprise you with its alpha male romance, sarcastic approach and alpha female experiences as well. Taryn has to face an arranged marriage set by her father, but she wants to escape it.

Then, you get to explore Trey’s life a little. He has never been into politics, but his uncle is about to take everything over by forming other alliances. He realizes that the only way to succeed is to mate with a female from a different pack – a powerful pack.

Then, he finds out about Taryn. He is not after a relationship, but he decides to offer her a deal. Pretend to be his and she will get out of the marriage. On the other hand, he will have a strong alliance to keep his territory. The two realize that things can always go in a different direction…


Bottom line, these alpha male romance titles will give you some great feelings. There is something for everyone out there. Whether you like a dominant man, a bit of fantasy, some vampires or unusual relationships, you can easily find something suitable. Some books imply domination, while others bring in pure lust, passion or true love. One thing is for sure – a bit of kinkiness will trigger your deepest feelings.​