Ariel’s Playhouse by Mrs. M


Have you ever felt the desire to experience more? Is there a whisper deep down inside that shakes you to the core? As the siren call gets louder and your resistance grows weak. You make a decision, just this once, to quiet the hunger that lies beneath. Careful, once you open the door to the playhouse, hidden treasures and so much more than you wished for are sure to be released.

Ariel Lily Carter had it all: the man of her dreams, a true best friend, money, good looks, and the respect of her peers. Yet, there was a longing inside of her – something was missing from her life that she desperately wished to fill before turning the page to the next chapter of her life. She would soon be married to her college sweetheart, the first and only man she had ever been with. Everything was going as planned until a night on the town with her best friend turned into the night she would never forget.

Revealing a side of her that she didn’t know existed. Pleasure, passion, and playing on the wild side had now become her addiction. To top it all off, she’d soon find out that everyone and everything is not what it seems. Secrets, deceit, and betrayal are revealed behind the doors of her pleasure palace. Ariel will soon learn the meaning behind the words, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” because things are not all fun and games in Ariel's Playhouse.

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