Abs Lust Embarrassment by Ty Debauchee


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Reached #5 on the Amazon Free Gay Erotica List

PERFECT FRICTION LEADS TO PERFECT PLEASURE! – Endowed and proud, Garrett walks through the locker room toward the shower. Oddly, he briefly feels guilty for so enjoying his girlfriend's bragging about how blessed he is. Suddenly, he is betrayed by his number one asset.

A frenzy of unhinged harassment and gay bashing ensues! The high school basketball team is showering after their first win when Garrett becomes excited. It's an embarrassing disaster! In that instant, Garrett's life changes forever.

As Ty looks on, he must decide whether to stay on the side lines or join with the homophobic mob to hide his own secret. Garrett's crisis now looms as a dramatic force to change Ty's life. How will Garrett and Ty survive the frenzied torment of merciless homophobic teammates?

A simple act of human compassion leads both to a revelation of closely held personal perspectives, secrets, and desires. Will they soon share more than just their intimate secrets?

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