Without A Soul by Michele Steele


Her smooth brown hair with blue eyes was striking. She was voluptuous, erotic and curvy. Men found her mysterious and stunning. He wanted to ravish her and held himself back much too often. He felt like a lion when he was with her.

They both stared into each other's eyes with lust and passion. It was not love yet, but it felt real. Victor tenderly undressed Danielle and kept saying, “You are beautiful..”

She did not know then that Victor was empty. She fell in love with him and wanted him to feel secure. He had closed up and was terrified of being hurt again.

“Maybe one day, you will he comfortable being the phenomenal man I fell in love with. You will realize that you are enough and loveable,” she whispered to him as she walked away.

Danielle started writing romance novels. She loved escaping into the exciting and passionate fictional life she created on paper. She travelled with her imaginary lovers to distant parts of the world and wrote about happiness on every page. Her men were like Victor — successful and dynamic. The sex jumped off the pages and filled her up.

She slowly opened up her heart and her soul just enough for Roberto, the man of her dreams, to grab a hold and never let her go.

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