Waiting For You by Chloe Gilbert


From interview to love? One young journalist’s life changes forever with a single interview…

When 25-year-old Paris receives a life-altering opportunity to interview Walking Dream, the biggest Korean boy band in the world, she jumps at the chance. The band members leave her feeling like she’s in a dream of her own when the interview goes so well they ask for her number so they can stay in touch.

She forms new and inspiring connections with the boys, but the eldest member of the band, Dal, makes her heart flutter…

But the thing is, Walking Dream is contractually not allowed to date, a very common practice among Korean entertainment agencies. And on top of that, just as her relationships are getting stronger, the band must leave on a world tour, and that means they'll be out of reach for months. Despite it all, she falls head over heels for Dal, but asking him to risk everything just isn’t possible… sometimes loving someone means letting them go. Does their love stand a chance? Or are they doomed before they even start?

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