No one could say no to a bit of intrigue and sexuality, especially if the book is inspired from reality or written in a nonfiction manner. Sure, most books in this segment are fiction, but there are a few great nonfiction options to enlighten you on certain aspects of life. All in all, here are some of the best sexuality nonfiction books for 2020 and what you should expect from them.

Come As You Are, by Emily Nagoski

This is one of the best sexuality nonfiction books for 2020 and it is mostly aimed at women. It guides women through their sexuality in today's society. The book is quite deep and brings in everything – from emotions and thoughts to social contexts and circumstances. There is a bit of science too, but pretty much everything about this book involves doing whatever your body tells you to do – just follow your instincts.

Knit Your Own Kama Sutra, by Trixie Von Purl

Worried that your sex life is getting a bit out of shape? Feeling bored? No chemistry? This book is an excellent guide to spice up your sex life. There are 12 different projects you can do along with your partner. There are lots of illustrations to make everything easier as well. It brings in some of the most popular positions in Kama Sutra, as well as a few interesting poses to boost your creativity.

$pread, by Rachel Aimee, Eliyanna Kaiser and Audacia Ray

This book is a mix of interesting stories and points of view from sex workers. It is not suitable for people in this industry only, but for everyone who wants to find out more about it. The book is based on the magazine with the same name released between 2005 and 2011. The illustrations are likely to help you get a better idea about certain situations. It is definitely a great insight into the sex industry.

Closer, by Sarah Barmak

In today's society, a woman's sexuality is about liberation. It is said that sex is a bit overrated, yet lots of women feel unhappy with their sex lives. It could be the lack of desire or perhaps the difficulty in reaching an orgasm. All in all, Sarah Barmak brings in a blend of interviews and reflections aiming to explore the science behind female sexuality.

Love Thy Body, by Nancy R. Pearcey

Love Thy Body aims to answer the most difficult questions about sexuality out there. The author brings in a respectful, yet intriguing point of view over modern sexuality. She tries to redefine some secular points of view that still seem to reshape today's points of view, but she also works on some controversial challenges regarding the authentic self.

Sex, Purity And The Longings Of A Girl's Heart, by Kristen Clark, Bethany Beal and Bethany Baird

This book aims to help the modern Christian woman struggling to redefine herself. The sexually empowered society does not always work well with God's description of purity and sex. In fact, things like pornography are quite normal today, so women feel pressured to conform. This book will answer some clear questions. What is the purpose of your sexuality? Are your sexual longings alright? Are they bad?

Overshare, by Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton

If you are an avid YouTube fan, you might be familiar with the authors and their funny videos. But now they take this aspect to another level. They reveal secrets to empower personal sex lives, but they also discuss multiple aspects of sexuality. Both members of the LGBT community, they share personal experiences to strengthen those who struggle in similar situations. Whether it comes to relationship aspects or individual experiences, the two authors have managed to put out a straightforward book with no foggy issues.

Redeeming Sex, by Debra Hirsch

Sexuality is probably the most significant aspect creating a gap between religion and the modern society. Whether it comes to the personal identity, a relationship or a sexual orientation, pretty much everything seems to end up with an argument between the modern world and the church. The author has managed to find a clear answer, so she tries to provide clarity from a different perspective. This book does not necessarily take part in this controversy. However, it aims to find a middle solution and it brings in a biblical approach on sex that seems to work.

Can Everyone Please Calm Down?, by Mae Martin

Sexuality is definitely an issue these days. It is still trying to define itself, so people keep arguing on it. Comedian Mae Martin tackles multiple aspects of the sexuality spectrum. There are no myths or foggy aspects, but just a clear point of view and a bunch of stories to help those who are not sure about their vision. There are labels, pluses, minuses, history issues and successful lives. According to the author, sexuality should not even be discussed. It is not an issue, yet everyone is all over it.

Sex Outside The Lines, by Chris Donaghue

The normal point of view is crystal clear. A boy and a girl meet, they fall in love, have sex and spend the rest of their lives loving each other, having children and grandchildren. It sounds normal, but what makes people abnormal? Chris Donaghue describes the myths and issues associated with normal love. Virginity, cheating, marriage and sexual orientations are considered normal to a point and he aims to demystify these issues. Most of them will interfere with your life and prevent you from having the sex life you have always dreamed about.

Let's Talk About… Kinks and Fetishes, by J.R. James

This book is part of the Beyond the Sheets Series, which introduces honestly and uncovered to the wide range of sexual desires. We believe that safe sex should be educated even if we are speaking about kinky or fetish desires.

Final words

Bottom line, these are some of the best sexuality nonfiction books for 2020. Some of them may open your eyes. Some others will bother you, but give them a chance – they may actually push you in the right direction and change your mindset a little. Whether you want a different approach on sex, you are not happy with your sex life or you simply need guidance, there is a book for everyone out there.