Stellar Harmony by Morgan Sterling

A Celestial Love Story

Prepare for a journey where the stars align in unexpected ways. Meet Langston, an academic prodigy straddling two worlds: the rigorous confines of academia and the vibrant pulse of his urban roots. Opposite him stands Aurora, a heartbroken R&B songstress seeking solace amidst the melodies of her past. When their paths converge at an open mic night, their connection ignites with a force that defies logic.

As Langston grapples with the pressures of his academic pursuits and the pull of his community, Aurora battles to reclaim her voice in an industry tainted by betrayal. Together, they navigate the complexities of love, trust, and self-discovery against a backdrop of starry nights and whispered promises.

But as their bond deepens, they must confront the shadows of their pasts. Langston's insecurities threaten to eclipse their budding romance, while Aurora's struggle for artistic freedom jeopardizes everything she holds dear. Can they find harmony amidst the chaos of their lives, or will their love be lost among the stars?

Join Langston and Aurora on a cosmic odyssey where passion collides with purpose, and the universe itself becomes a stage for their Stellar Harmony.


Excerpt from Stellar Harmony © Copyright 2024 Morgan Sterling

Shell-top white Adidas with gray stripes and red laces. I found myself grinning from ear to ear as I took him in.

Maybe I would have stayed my ass to college if my professors looked like this.

It was at this moment that something electric passed between us. Even from my seat, I sensed our shared connection beyond physical at- traction. It was as if our souls recognized each other.

As Langston delved deeper into his seductive spiel about the cos- mos, my body began to respond instinctively, the fabric of my clothes tight against my awakening desire.

“…and as these stars come alive and morph through time, they cre- ate the very foundation of life,” he whispered, his voice deep as the ocean's abyss, stirring a resonant echo within the deepest corners of my being.”You could say we're all just stardust, tangled in a cosmic dance spanning light years apart.”

He looked right at me, and I swear my coochie throbbed.

At that moment, my sanity slipped away in a rush of primal desire. How could I be so consumed with lust for a man speaking about stars? But as I gazed at Langston and absorbed the intensity of his words, I re- alized there was no denying the fiery longing boiling within me. It was raw and real, overwhelming me with each racing heartbeat.


A few hours later, Langston and I found ourselves at a small, inti- mate restaurant, the dim lighting casting a soft glow on our faces.

The atmosphere was warm and inviting, with a low hum of chatter from other diners creating a comforting sense of anonymity.

“Langston,” I said taking a sip of my wine. “I am curious – how did you get into astrophysics?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment then shrugged.

“Probably not that unique. Life was rough and I used to look up at the stars as a kid wishing I was up there,” he took a sip from his glass. “I happen to be really good at stuff related to it. My brain has just always understood things like math and science. It's a language I understand.”

He got quiet and looked at me over the table. I wanted to know what he was thinking, but the glint in his eye said I probably already knew. Not a road I was trying to go down.

“Tell me more about Jamal and Dr. Simone Davis,” I continued, hoping to angle the conversation. He’d mentioned his mentor, Dr. Davis, and a kid he mentored named Jamal. I had met them briefly after the talk. Langston declined their offers to grab a bite and told them he had plans with me.

Langston changed the subject, turning the conversation back to me. “Enough about me. How long have you been playing music? You're talented. Too talented to be doing Open Mic. You professional?”

I hesitated, unsure if I wanted to delve deeper into my story. How- ever, I still told him I played bass on tour and wrote music.

“Word?” His beautiful eyebrows lifted in surprise. “For anyone I heard of ?”

Of course. Everyone has heard of that damn fool, I thought. But in- stead, I just said, “Maybe,” and sipped on my drink.

It was clear he sensed I was holding something back, but he didn't push me to reveal more.

“Music has always been a part of me,” I confessed. “It's like an exten- sion of my soul.”

We continued talking, sharing stories, and laughing. And like the first time, I found myself leaning close to him. He probably thought I couldn't hear; but it was because the tribble of his voice vibrated my kit- ty.

“I know it is nowhere the same as your real science and stuff. But I

love sci-fi. And anime,” I admitted sheepishly. “Never really tell people that. But the stories are great.”

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