Sexting by KC Prescott


Consenting Adults Collection Book 3

It is just another Monday when Carol receives THAT text. Is it a secret admirer or a stalker? She doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Sex is delicious when dangerous.

Carol’s job and marriage are in a rut. Where is the intrigue, the exhilaration, the excitement? She was expecting so much more from life…and then her cell chimes!

The messages are innocent flirtations…at first. Someone noticed her. Sees her. Wants her.

She can feel his eyes gliding across her and she likes it. No, she doesn’t tell her husband. She isn’t doing anything…yet. Or is she?

Then her “admirer” asks for more. And more. He invades her mind, her life and her marriage.

The messages become her drug and she is addicted!

Sexting is the third story of the Consenting Adults Collection. Is it cheating if you never kiss, touch, meet?

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Excerpt from Sexting © Copyright 2023 KC Prescott

Stepping in front of the mirror, Carol takes one last look.  Then it hits her.  She is hiding all of this from Rick!  Is this cheating?  What is she expecting, hoping for?  She has never even thought about being with another man…okay, she thought about it occasionally, but those were just fantasies.  Every women has those.  This is nothing like an affair.  Affair?  She doesn’t even know what her mystery man looks like.  How can it be an affair?  She is just playing a little game, no one is getting hurt.  What is the big deal?  She deserves a little attention, even from a stranger, doesn’t she?

Carol’s perfectly painted nails tap nervously on top of her desk.  She is sitting in front of her computer but nothing is getting done.  Her mind is on him…just him.  Why didn’t he respond?  Was she too forward?  Should she have even sent the message yesterday?  Is she making a complete and total ass of herself?

The office starts to empty for lunch.  A whole morning shot and she isn’t in the mood to go to lunch.  Carol has no appetite and no desire to get up from this chair.  Maybe it is better this way, done.  She should just put it all behind her.  Or can she?  Her cell chimes and her heart skips a beat.  She grabs it up…

“You look exquisite today. Gorgeous”

Her smile is back.  She triumphantly leans back into her chair re-reading the message when the second one comes in…

“What color panties are you wearing?”

Carol feels the room tilt.  Oh, my god!  Her mouth is hanging open while she carefully re-reads the message.  Yup.  That’s what it says.  Her eyes shift from her cubical, scanning the office.  Most of the bees are gone and the few that remain seem to be women.  Her eyes dart about, looking for something, anything.  Nothing.  How is she going to respond to this?  No!  She isn’t going to.  This is that step over the line.  This game is now over.  Carol rises from her chair and steps out of her cubical, her eyes searching every corner of the massive office.  He has to be here. As her gaze reaches the back wall of the office she hears her cell chime again!  Her eyes shift back to the waiting phone.  It is him…again!

“Well?  You are wearing panties, aren’t you?”

Carol drops back down onto her seat, phone in hand.  She knows what to do.  She has to type “FUCK OFF” and be done with this.  This is over, now!  She has to end it.  She starts to type, then stops.  Staring at the screen, the word, “Red” stares back.  Hitting erase, she flings her phone onto the desk.  What the fuck is she doing?  What has she done?  Who has she let into her…into their lives?

Who is she kidding?  She can’t end this.  She loves it.

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