Secrets & Submissions by Keira Keane


A Transgender Romance Novella

When Carter enters a new school for his final year he is simply looking to blend in and get through it, but when he gazes upon the lonesome Kylie she becomes all that he desires. All his new friends laugh once his affection for the cute yet seemingly banished girl is noticed. Enticed by their antics, Carter goes to finally meet Kylie and he's instantly reminded why he fell for her in the first place. She's different from all the other girls, something he'll find out quickly if he plays his cards right.

After coming out for who she really was, Kylie became an outcast within her school. She doesn't mind it so much except for when she's met with stares of intrigue or disgust, making her feel horrible inside even if she doesn't show it. But when the new boy Carter arrives and takes a liking to her without knowing her past, she decides to give romance a shot for once. As their relationship grows, an obsession of proving how much of a girl she is to herself grows as a submissive almost slutty side of her appears the more excited she becomes around her paramour.


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