Sapphire Brown by Sam E. Taylor


An erotic fantasy of desire, temptation, and self-discovery

Embrace the allure of the forbidden and surrender to your deepest desires…

Explore the hidden world of Sadie, whose seemingly perfect life conceals a burning desire that can no longer be denied. In the shadows of a seductive online realm, she unveils her true self as ‘Sapphire,' discovering an insatiable hunger for passion, excitement, and the thrilling world of eroticism.

When Sadie crosses paths with the enigmatic Liam, their passionate entanglement blurs the lines between fidelity and lust, love and deception, and reality and fantasy. Sapphire Brown takes readers on an intoxicating journey of forbidden desires, where choices teeter on the edge of pleasure and peril.

Will Sadie succumb to the allure of the forbidden, or can she find her way back to the life she once knew?

Immerse yourself in this story of seduction, temptation, and self-discovery, and prepare to embrace your own hidden desires.


Excerpt from Sapphire Brown © Copyright 2023 Sam E. Taylor

Chapter One: Revelations

“Sadie, just get on it would you please?”

It was Thursday, and it had been a difficult week for Sadie Brown. Her usual manager, Miller had been summoned to Head Office and her colleague Derek had ‘stepped up’ (in his words) to lead in his absence. Derek had taken to his new role with relish and had spent the week doling out instructions to an increasingly glum team.

“Yes Derek,” she replied wearily, glancing at the clock. One hour to go and the day was thankfully over. Even better, Miller was due back in tomorrow. The meeting duly finished, and Derek’s new warriors trooped back out into the main office. Derek stayed behind in the boardroom to conduct more important business.

“Nearly done Sadie,” whispered Henry. “And then he is back off his perch.” Henry was a middle-aged gentleman who had been at Graft & Co for years. He had a warm and gentle face, and almost a fatherly demeanour towards Sadie. Behind that warm manner though, was an incisive and cutting wit, which in the last week had mainly been reserved for sending subtle jibes sailing over Derek’s head. The other team member, Louise, was first back to her desk and offered to make the last round of teas for the day. The others gratefully accepted her offer and the last hour passed quickly.

Sadie was the first to leave the office. “Off to see Emily!” she explained as she packed up and bid farewell to the others. It was a short walk from the office through the town centre of Lichfield to her favourite bar, Taylors. She passed under the familiar old sign as she entered and glanced over at her usual spot. Emily was already there, and had a drink already waiting for her.

“Aaah thanks you beat me to it!” said Sadie with a smile, sitting opposite. “You didn’t hang about!”

The two girls had been friends for years, ever since their university days. Emily had always been somewhat of an unpredictable character, whilst Sadie was normally the steady and stable one in their friendship. Even after all these years Emily still had the capacity to shock Sadie with stories of her endeavours.

“What mischief have you been up to this week then, Em?”

Emily grinned and lowered her head across the table. “You’ll never guess,” she whispered.

“Tell me!” Sadie implored excitedly. Emily paused and looked round to make sure that nobody was in listening range. “I joined a hook up site last week!”

Sadie looked at her in astonishment. “Oh Em, really?!!!!!” she said in a hushed voice.

Her friend looked back, almost beaming with pride at the look on Sadie’s face. “Whatever for?” Sadie continued.

Emily gave a shrug. “Seemed like a good idea at the time and I was bored.”

Sadie’s mind boggled with so many questions, but the first one that came out of her mouth was this one. “What’s it like?” Emily thought for a moment. “It’s quite intense. There’s lots of guys on there as you can imagine, and they can be a bit forward. But there’s some cute ones on there!” she said with a sly wink.

“Have you met anyone? How many?!” Sadie was having to get two questions in at a time now.

“I’ve met a couple,” her friend replied. “I went to one guy’s house on Monday and the other came to mine last night.”

Sadie looked incredulous again. “You invited a strange guy you met online straight to your house?! Em really what are you like?!”

“Well, he was married so we couldn’t meet at his house,” Emily offered up in defence.

Sadie put her head in her hands and started shaking it. “He was MARRIED?!”

“It was kind of hot knowing he was married and looking at his ring as he fucked me,” she said with an impish smile.

The conversation carried on as Sadie extracted more details out of her friend, and it was hard to tell whether the additional details made the situation any easier to bear in Sadie’s mind or not. Eventually the initial astonishment wore off and Sadie resorted to her more familiar role of giving sensible advice.

“Em, you have to be so careful on those sites. You don’t know who you are meeting and it’s so dangerous!”

“Yeah I know,” she replied, but her voice tailed off in a way didn’t convince Sadie.

With the telling off complete the girls went on to other subjects, and an hour later after a couple of drinks, they got ready to leave.

“When am I seeing you again?” asked Emily.

“Saturday, silly!” Sadie replied. “We have Olivia’s final fitting for the wedding.”

“Ah, yes of course! Ok babe I’ll see you there.” Sadie gave her friend a final hug, but not before she gave out some final words of advice.

“Please be careful, won’t you Em? Promise me!”

Emily assured her she would, and the girls parted company.

Sadie walked to the train station and was soon homeward bound. Normally she liked to take out her book on the ride home, but her mind instead mulled over her friend’s antics. It was early May, and even though she was staring out of the window, she wasn’t taking in any of the picturesque Staffordshire countryside as it rolled past her eyes in the evening sunshine. Instead, her mind was playing out all the details she had managed to extract out of her friend. Although they shocked her, she had to admit they also gave her a sense of intrigue. Twenty minutes passed and her train rolled into her station, forcing her to park her thoughts temporarily.

After a short walk from the train station Sadie was at her front door, and she called out as she walked in the door. Her husband’s voice came in reply from the kitchen.

“How was your day, sweetheart?” asked Neil as she appeared at the kitchen door. “Hopefully Derek wasn’t too annoying today?”

“He was a twat, but luckily Miller is back tomorrow so hopefully he’ll pipe down now.”

Neil gave a gentle murmur of understanding as Sadie looked over at the kitchen table.

“Aaah, looks like dinner’s about ready! Thanks babe!”

“Yeah, I knew you were seeing Emily for a bit so timed it for now. Jake’s been pestering me for an hour!” he grumbled as he pulled out some plates.

Sadie laughed. “Well, I’ll go and change and tell him the good news,” she said as she left the room.

“Jake,” called Sadie softly as she knocked on her son’s bedroom door. “Dinner’s nearly ready so can you go and help your father set up, please?”

A teenage grunt came from within (which Sadie took to mean a grudging acceptance of her request).

After they had eaten, Jake went back to his room whilst Sadie and Neil sat in the sitting room together and went over the day’s events. The two had met at university, and marriage and Jake followed not long after they graduated. They had a similar temperament, both being natural introverts but with creative and curious minds. Neil became a university professor, and spent most of his days in intellectual mind battles with students on the rights and wrongs of the world. He would often come home to read more on those subjects and accumulate more cerebral ammunition for those sparrings. Sadie went into marketing, and she along with her team came up with creative campaigns to set the world alight (or at the very least help Graft & Co. sell a bit more stuff).

Neil asked about Emily. Sadie paused for a moment before deciding against telling him about her revelations. “She’s fine, just about keeping out of mischief.”

Neil chuckled. He had seen quite the opposite during their university days but he didn’t need to remind Sadie about those.

“Maybe she’s finally growing up, then!”

Sadie decided to change the subject and they went onto the safer topic of Neil’s work.

“Today was ok,” Neil answered when Sadie asked how his day was. “They are still pressuring me about writing that paper. But I had a female student throw me a curveball this morning and it’s been niggling at me all day. I need to dig out my Chaucer. What are you going to do tonight?”

“I guess I’ll read too,” Sadie replied. Neil nodded and disappeared into his study to find the Chaucer in question. Sadie sighed. She knew she wouldn’t see him again now until bedtime.

After a few hours reading alone in the sitting room, Sadie knocked on the study door.

“Coming to bed, Neil?”

The door opened after a moment. “That was good timing!” Neil beamed. “Was just on my way up. Think I’ve cracked it, too!”

Once in the bedroom, Neil climbed into bed and fell asleep practically immediately; a talent Sadie was always extremely jealous of. She dressed into her nightdress and joined her husband in bed. She turned off her bedside light and for a few moments stared absentmindedly into the darkness of her bedroom.

Her mind revisited what Emily had told her that evening, and she started to picture what her friend had described. An unknown stranger, slowly undressing Emily. As he kisses her gently, her clothes fall to the floor one by one. He takes advantage of her growing nakedness to kiss more of her body, before returning to kiss her lips. His hand rises to her face and softly strokes it as he kisses her, and she can see his wedding ring glistening in the pale moonlight.

As her husband snored away, Sadie’s hand lowers down her body and slowly pulls up her nightdress underneath the bed covers. Her mental scene continues, and her fingers gently touch and explore as she pictures more clothes being pulled off and discarded. A naked Emily lies back on the bed, letting her lover continue his seduction. He kisses and gently bites her neck, before moving down her body once again. He tastes her for the first time, and she moans as his tongue caresses her and delves deeper into her. Soon, it isn’t just his tongue that is feeling it’s way inside her, and her body embraces the part of him that is meant for another.

A curious thing happens though. By the time he has completed his conquest, the female object of his desires no longer seems to be Emily, but rather she appears to resemble a certain Sadie Brown instead……

Chapter Two: Miller’s Return

It was Friday morning, and Sadie chose to take the train in to work again that day. Although she had a car, she often enjoyed the liberty that a train ride into work gave her. She was free to read or often just let her thoughts meander and find a subject to muse over. Some of the best ideas for her marketing campaigns she owed to that short stretch of rail between her workplace and her home.

She reached the staff car park of Graft & Co, and as she did her heart leapt a little. Miller’s car was there. She allowed herself a smile and she sauntered to her desk in cheerful mood. She was the last in, with Derek, Henry and Louise already at their desks. As they conversed about weekend plans, Sadie heard some long confident footsteps behind her. She knew even before she turned round who they belonged to, and she turned to see Miller striding down the office towards them. He was a tall man, well over six foot. He had jet black hair and a tanned complexion. But it was his eyes that always melted Sadie, a deep walnut colour that had a warming effect when they gazed at you. Those eyes were now fixated on Sadie, and her heart pumped a little faster as he spoke to the team.

“Morning team, nice to see you all again.” He spoke with a soft Edinburgh accent, which matched his usual demeanour of calmness but with a sense of firmness and confidence behind it. The team cheerily greeted him back and they swapped pleasantries and stories about the last few days. After a while, Miller went to sit down at his location near the other managers and the remaining quartet went back to work. Around halfway through the morning Miller and Derek went to the boardroom together, leaving the two girls with Henry.

“My, Dipstick’s been quiet this morning, hasn’t he?” said Henry, using his favourite pet term for his colleague.

“He’s sulking. He’s just upset he isn’t in charge anymore,” replied Louise.

Henry chuckled in agreement. Derek returned, but in a more buoyant than when he had left, and he spent the rest of the day in more amenable chatter than he had been before.

Sadie was in a good mood too. Miller’s return had seemed to lift everyone’s spirits and she was happier than she had been for the last few days. She had been at Graft & Co for a couple of years, and in that time had developed a close friendship with Henry and Louise.

Derek had joined about a year later, and Sadie had struggled to warm to him. He was ambitious and saw himself as board level, and he considered his time in the team as a temporary steppingstone onto greater things. He wasn’t shy in letting them know this fact either. He was better than average looking in Sadie’s opinion, but any initial attraction there might have been soon disappeared after a few minutes in his company. Around those people he considered useful to him, Derek had an oily charm which nauseated Sadie, whilst around those he didn’t consider worthy he had very little inclination for. Sadie and the rest of her team were very much in the latter of those two camps. Miller’s presence in the office seemed to keep Derek’s worst excesses in check though, and so the atmosphere was noticeably more friendlier that day, it being a Friday also helping!

The end of the workday arrived, and Sadie was back on the train. This time her mind was mulling over Miller’s return. She had noticed he had a new shirt on that day, maybe he had bought it for his Head Office trip she thought to herself. Same aftershave though. She didn’t know what brand it was and had never had the boldness to ask him, but she had never noticed it on anyone else before. Her pleasant thoughts were eventually derailed as the train rolled into her station once again, and she was shortly walking towards home. This time though she made a slight detour, as it was Friday night – Fish and Chip night! Soon enough she was opening the door accompanied by the warm vinegary smell of piping hot chips. Jake was already in the kitchen, buttering bread in readiness whilst Neil was preparing some cordial.

“Thought as it’s such a nice night we’d have dinner outside with some cordial?” he suggested.

Sadie nodded in agreement, and they dined outside in the garden. After the bulk of the eating was done it was Sadie who spoke first.

“Is there a game on tomorrow?” she asked in Jake’s direction. She could have asked Neil, as they both went to the football together but she was trying to prompt her son into talking now he was out of his bedroom for a change.

“Yes, we have got Burnley tomorrow.” Sadie waited for more information, but none was forthcoming.

“It’s a late kick off,” Neil added helpfully.

“That’s nice,” replied Sadie, not altogether sure why. “I have the dress fitting for Olivia’s wedding tomorrow, so you’ll probably be gone before I get back.”

“Aaaaah yes of course! The fitting!” remarked Neil. “Is everyone actually turning up for this one?”

Sadie sighed. “They have to. It’s the last one! Emily and I have been measured twice now but Abigail just keeps sending her measurements through. And Olivia is having her wedding dress done by another maker, so she hasn’t bothered going to them either. I hope I fit into mine after all those chips!”

“I’m sure you will,” replied Neil generously. “I think the problem is going to be Abigail rather than you.”

Sadie had to agree with him. Abigail was the groom’s sister, and on first impressions seemed to have a talent for creating drama out of situations that didn’t really warrant them. She remembered with faint horror the barracking Abigail had given a poor waitress who had dared to bring cold bread and hard butter to her in a restaurant. That was the first (and luckily the only) time Sadie had had the pleasure of an evening out with Abigail.

“Well Olivia is going to be there, so she can deal with her!” she said hopefully. “Anyway, let’s not think about that. Let’s watch a film tonight. Jake’s choice.”

As the film went on, Sadie’s thoughts started to wander away from the film and land on Miller instead. So much so that she hardly noticed when the film finished, and the boys went up to bed. She decided to let them retreat upstairs whilst she stayed downstairs with a book. But the book was eventually put down. Sadie sat back on the sofa and started to think the same thoughts that had enveloped her in bed the previous night. In the same way as last night, a wedding band still gleamed on the man’s finger as it moved in the fading light. This time however, the man’s face was Miller’s. Sadie imagined herself unbuttoning that pristine new shirt as he kissed her, and she could smell his glorious aftershave dance off his body and entice her fingers further inside his shirt. Again, he put his hand up to stroke her cheek as he kissed, and the ring glistened once again to remind them of their infidelity. But it didn’t stop either of them, and the lovers continued on. Sadie, not for the first time in her life, reached down gently into her knickers and gently started to touch herself as she thought of her manager taking her. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering in climax, gasping as her fingers did their work and her mind took her away to places forbidden…..

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