Ryan Redemption by Sadie Kincaid


New York Ruthless Book 2

Jessie Heaton finds herself in a dangerous situation after leaving the safety of the Ryan brothers' penthouse, unsure of who to trust. As the ruthless Ryan brothers hunt her down, believing she has betrayed them, Jessie is forced to confront her past and the secrets of her family's history. Along the way, she encounters four enticing Irish brothers who will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth, leaving Jessie struggling to differentiate between truth and lies.

Caught between her past and her future, Jessie must make a heart-wrenching decision to have a chance at redemption. “Ryan Redemption” is a dark, mafia-themed romance that delves into mature themes, exploring Jessie's difficult journey as she grapples with trust and confronts her demons. The story comes with trigger warnings for kidnap, references to sexual and physical abuse, and mentions of pregnancy loss.

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