Moonlit Tidal Wave by Nyla Lustre


Mermaid Lesbian Erotica

Journey into an erotic world where maritime mythical meets the mundane…

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Katie seeks solace in the darkness of the coast. Desperate for the waves to wash away her heartbreak, she encounters a beautiful woman out for a nighttime frolic in the ocean. Nerissa entices her into the water for a short swim while skinny dipping. Out in the moonlit waves, she discovers that Nerissa is harboring more than a strong backstroke. Surrendering to the mythical power Nerissa wields, Katie’s inner sea goddess is awakened as the saltiness of her sanctum flows into the sea.

Katie soon discovers that her tie to the sultry siren extends beyond the water. Will the arrival of a new love interest threaten her budding affection for Nerissa?