Last Temptation by Sloane Virago


Trials of the Demiurge Series

Others have already fallen prey to Daemon's dark influence, but he's still resolved on fulfilling his secret mission. Then, he meets the enchanting Esperanza, and everything starts to change. Can he bear to corrupt the woman he loves like he has corrupted everyone else? Or will he give up his hidden calling and entire purpose for her? With so much on the line, his decision is going to cause eternal repercussions that no one expected.

For Jacob, Daemon is a friend, mentor and wingman. With Peter, Daemon is a competitor for the love of Esperanza and the hidden threat in their love triangle. To the beautiful Esperanza, Daemon is an intriguing paramour who is too irresistible to refuse.

As a child, Esperanza grew up with her two best friends, Jacob and Peter. As Jacob becomes wrapped up in Daemon’s unconventional lifestyle, Esperanza finds herself spending more and more time with Peter. He may have been a childhood friend, but he now has a sexy allure that she can’t ignore.

When tragedy strikes, the whole relationship with Peter is called off. Jacob’s too busy with his own problems to be there for her either, so she’s a sitting target when Daemon swoops in and focuses his seductive charm on her. No one other than Daemon knows the hidden truth behind his sinister deeds or the terrible extent he will go to fulfill his divine purpose.

Can she fall for his seductive appeal without losing her soul? And will he let her?

When he met Esperanza, Daemon never expected to find true love. Now, the eternal bad boy is left with a problem. Is he willing to give up his entire purpose in life for the only woman he has ever loved? Could he accept the consequences of his decision and choose love over duty? More importantly, would she?

”As I finished the last page, my mind was swirling with Last Temptation’s message …Sloane Virago’s debut performance is profound. Her prose is smooth and clear, no lack of clarity there, but as these well-drawn characters wend their ways, the gist of it all eluded me until I closed the book and gave it some thought … Everything together — plot, characterization, prose style, message, and lovemaking — cooks up one heck of fascinating stew. Bravo, Ms. Virago! Welcome to the literary world.” – Jon Michael Miller for Readers’ Favorite

”It kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next.” – Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite


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