Four Fun by Mylee & Ryn Moore


Erotic, edifying, and divinely inspired, Four Fun, is anything but a typical polyamorous romance

A personal message from the author:

Check out this unique romance of two couples coming together in an erotic and inspiring relationship. This is not your usual Foursome romance. You may actually learn something that will help you in your personal life. Enjoy and tell us what you think of it.

Our next book, “Molly“, will be coming soon. Watch for it.

— Ryn Moore

As the sexually versed Gavin and Natalie plan to move south in their built-out Mercedes Sprinter for the winter, they realize their fickle lifestyle is burning them and their relationship out. On the flip side of town, the empty-nesters, Scott and Carrie, are struggling to make their love-making fulfilling despite near perfection in every other aspect of their lives.

When the two couples meet, they realize they have more than enough to offer one another both in and out of the bedroom.

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