Church Of Carnal Knowledge by Magnus Elder


Sex is how we commune with ourselves, with each other and with the universe.

We live wholesome fulfilling lives built on fetish and sexual ritual.

We work to spread the good news.

We are the Church Of Carnal Knowledge.

Witness the truths of your sexual organs. Gain knowledge passed down through generations of fornicators and fetistists. Embrace your inner pervert, and let loose your sexual gratification. Live as you and your genitals were meant to live. Come one and all to the Church Of Carnal Knowledge, the best source for unabashed advice, encouragement and defilement.

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Excerpt from Church Of Carnal Knowledge © Copyright 2024 Magnus Elder

1. Awakening

In the beginning there was Sex.

And the Sex was good.

First comes foreplay. Second comes fucking. Third comes Clarity.

Second is the one who comes first. First is the one who comes second next time.

The human condition is a known problem. Humans do not have Sex. It is Sex that has humans.

Hundreds of thousands of years for evolution to craft humans through sex, by Sex, for Sex.

We are agents of pleasure. We are vessels for sexual impulse. The soul exists in the Sex drive. The body and mind are compelled to act in accordance with their sex drive. Attending to the Sex drive brings satisfaction and satiation. An unattended Sex drive causes decay and necrosis, manifesting as physical illness and emotional instability.

Humans are engineered by Sex. And Sex has a plan for us all. This is the sexual impulse doctrine.

2. There Are Obvious Secrets

You, reader, are a product of Sex, an agent of Sex and through this manuscript you can attain a lifestyle that will develop your sexual understanding and sexual mastery, and you can set your life-long path of pursuit and worship of that sexual energy that brings us, that sexual energy that holds us and that sex energy that forever binds us.

Contained in this text are the secrets to living a long and healthy life of obscene perversions and satisfying orgasms. This work attempts to share answers to questions that mankind has asked for centuries.

What is it about breasts that makes them so pleasing?

Why is the average throat so small compared to the average cock?

This treatise should act as a catalyst to your sex drive, spurring you to new heights and possibly even to destructive levels. This work may offend and harm you. These books could change how you see the world, not necessarily for the better. By continuing to read you accept this risk and you accept all related responsibility.

From this point on, you proceed at your own risk.

Anal sex is a vile corrupting act, we recommend you try it. Lesbianism is a beautiful talent that should be shared with as many as possible. Non-consent is a choice for some, and a requirement for others. Semen is an elixir with the power to rejuvenate the mind and body. And the juice of a pussy is a wholesome treat for everyone, especially the owner.

This wisdom was received through insights bestowed on us from parts below. Think of them as gifts from the universe. Wisdom plucked from the brief moments of post-orgasmic Clarity that Sex can bestow on us. That momentary dissolve from one to many, from me to you, from the person to the divine. When we cry out in climax, it is the universe that answers. Sex is how we participate in the eternal.
The penetration of orifices, the grinding and the fucking.

And the cumming and the squirting and the spilling of semen.

Beautiful and ancient displays of meaning, of belonging and of worship.

This opus will teach you the workings of your sexual existence.

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