Carnal Anguish by Ty Debauchee


Naked Gay Lust Book #301


Always a very good student, Ty finds himself floundering in college. He misses Garrett horribly, and being a shy introvert is keeping him isolated.

While spending countless hours fantasizing about previous sexual exploits with Garrett helps to control Ty's raging hormones, it's not helping his mood nor his grades.

Ty's emotional pain is so intense he fails to notice a lasciviously gorgeous classmate named Tanner. With two closely guarded secrets and one big problem, Tanner's instant desire for Ty's stunning good looks is another problem. How does he figure out if Ty is gay?

Can Tanner get Ty to talk? Will he figure out if Ty is gay without breaching his own secrets? Is he going to be a shoulder for Ty's pain? Will this hawt duo share an emotional friendship or maybe even get into each other's pants?

I can't wait to find out. What about you? Click to find out!

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