Bound & Bared by Wendy Pemberthy


The Pemberthy Collection: 4 Complete Novels & 5 Short Stories

Four Complete Novels and Five Short Stories in One Omnibus Collection.

A personal message from the author:

Writing erotic fiction began as an extension of sorts to my nudist lifestyle. There are feelings associated with naked play; feelings unique to the alternate sensations of vulnerability and power stemming from being naked. Clothes are a sort of psychological body armor. Writing fiction allows me to study the complexity of having that armor gone, and what that exposure conjures in the mind. But it was never enough to write about nudity in a clothed world. I needed something more in my stories.

Readers of exhibitionism and nudist fiction are sometimes none-too-fond of raw sex, bondage, bisexuality, and other fetishes intruding into their fantasies. In the end, what I have created by accident is a new sub-genre of romantic erotica: Erotic Nudism.

The four books in this volume are the first four books in my Bare Skin Stories Series. Themes vary, from the lighthearted romantic appeal of Naked Justice to the severe BDSM in Naked Servant. An introduction to each book gives a few prefatory notes.

Additionally, I’ve included four short stories and one novella in four parts. These tales exist outside my Erotic Nudism sub-genre. They are here because they are personal favorites I know you’ll enjoy.

— Wendy Pemberthy

Get ready for a ride you will never forget. Wendy Pemberthy takes steamy sexual adventure to a new level in this over-the-top bundle of books and short stories. Bondage, fetish play, bisexual romance, taboo and forbidden desire crash together in this one of a kind unforgettable collection.

“Wendy Pemberthy is a hidden gem in erotic fiction. Find her. Read her. You’ll love it.”

Four Complete Novels. Five Short Stories. All Wendy!

With the release of Naked Justice, author Wendy Pemberthy launched her “Bare Skin Stories”. The novels broke the mold of conventional nudist and exhibitionist fiction, infusing each tale with erotic passion and intensity never seen before. This omnibus edition includes the first four novels in the series, plus four short stories showcasing Wendy’s remarkable style. Also included is “Peggy”, the serialized four part story of one woman’s journey into sexual submission.

Compelling characters, exotic locales, forbidden desires, taboo temptations, even a coven of witches. There is only one Wendy Pemberthy!