From many points of view, polyamory relationships can raise many question marks. They might be difficult to understand for some, but also unacceptable. Others are more likely to accept open relationships. No matter which category you fall in, these are some of the best polyamory books to open your eyes and give you a new perception of how such relationships work.

More Than Two, by Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux

Can you love more than one individual at the same time? Sure, when it comes to sexual relationships, there would be no issues. But how about jealousy? How about cheating? The authors believe you could do it and this book will help you understand how. It is a deep insight into such relationships.

If you believe in such things, the book is a practical guide. If you do not, at least it will help you understand why others do. The book is not trying to convert you, but make things clear. It also highlights the nuances of an open relationship, all the myths, expectations and theories about it.

Indeed, polyamory is not for everyone, but being open-minded is a plus. Accepting others or even considering it yourself will not harm. What truly matters is doing it by the book – others have already figured out the fundamentals of polyamory through painful trial and error.

The Polyamorists Next Door, by Elisabeth Sheff

Marriage is different these days and monogamy is no longer what it used to be. More and more couples start families before getting married. Gay couples are also getting married. Then, there are people who say no to monogamy and choose relationships based on polyamory and swinging instead.

This book introduced the reader to polyamorous families, making it one of the best polyamorous books out there. It explains things and shows how people can pursue relationships with third parties at the same time – open and with actual support from their partners. Sexual freedom is the goal.

The book glows through the colorful details included in it. It helps the reader understand how the world has come to such relationships, the challenges associated with them, benefits and disadvantages. It is suitable for people who want to understand polyamory, as well as those who are already involved in it.

Don't Close Your Eyes, by Lynessa Layne

This is the first book in a longer series and one of the top polyamory books for those who want a good story based on love triangles. Kinsley is a bartender, as well as a beach bunny getting ready to graduate. One day, she has an experience with a stranger, which throws her into the real world.

Later on, Klive shows up in her life again. This time, he is a secret admirer. He loves to tease her and their love and hate connection is full of tension. But on the same note, her high school crush comes back from war. Jase meets Kinsley and tells her that he hopes to become more than just friends.

Kinsley is caught in the middle and an unfortunate accident with a biker gang gets both men involved. Not only do they want to help Kinsley, but they also compete for her heart. A love triangle builds up and various conflicts between the good and the bad kick in to confuse Kinsley. What are they going to do?

Love You Two, by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

Pina seems to have a perfect life. In her friends' eyes, she is living the dream. Her family never seems to have any conflicts. Everyone gets along and they all seem to be on the same page – free spirits doing whatever they want in perfect harmony. However, Pina has a different opinion of her family.

There are times when Pina tries to realize what is going on. Sometimes, she thinks that she is the actual grownup in the family, rather than her mother. Then, things go even worse when she stumbles upon an email with lots of devastating details. Everything she knew about life is now crumbling.

Can her apparently perfect family survive the disaster? Pina’s discovery ruins the concept of family. There are a few siblings involved, two different boys, two cities and the list can go on. Throw in four more friends and three different generations and everything becomes a mess.

Next Year, for Sure, by Zoey Leigh Peterson

Kathryn and Chris have spent nine years together. Their relationship seems perfect and they know each other in the smallest details. But then, deep down inside, the relationship is far from perfect and darkness slowly takes over. Chris develops some feelings for Emily and he actually tells Kathryn about it.

Surprisingly enough, Kathryn encourages him to go after this woman. She is disappointed, but she believes her relationship with Chris is almost perfect. Their strong bond will not be damaged by a fling. The next year is fully covered in the story and shows the fun and excitement associated with a new relationship.

Chris and Emily actually end up in a relationship. Then, Chris and Kathryn are invited into her home. There is confusion, as well as passion. The reader will see a glowing relationship from multiple points of view, as well as how polyamory can kick in when least expected.

Forever Theirs, by Katee Robert

Meg enjoyed a wild one-night stand with a prince and his bodyguard, but it is time to move on now. Theo is a prince and his status often brings in a plethora of problems. She tries to get away from the two, but both Theo and Galen have different plans and they all involve Meg at some point.

Galen has one goal only. He wants to keep his prince safe. However, Theo is a target for villains who took Thalania over. Therefore, anyone who is associated with him is in danger. Galen does not want Theo's passion for Meg to destroy the kingdom, but sadly enough, it might be a little too late.

Theo will try his best to keep both Meg and Galen nearby. His main goal is to take the throne back. But whenever he thinks about Meg, he forgets everything. The night they all spent together was literally perfect, so he does not intend to let her go away – a story of drama, love, passion and intriguing plot twists.

Love's Not Color Blind, by Kevin A. Patterson

This is one of the best polyamory books if you want a deep insight into this type of relationship, especially when it comes for people of color. Exclusion by white partners is quite common, not to mention getting fetishized or shamed. Such things occur in polyamorous relationships as well and while most people ignore them, this is actually making them worse.

This book is not just about polyamory, but also about racism and love. Indeed, people of different races can embrace polyamory relationships and that is perfectly normal. But then, to make polyamorous relationships inclusive, people have to acknowledge their aspect in perpetuating racism.

This book puts forward all the framework. It is not about opinions but about anecdotal testimonies, analogies and deep research. It works on how to identify and understand racism within polyamorous communities.

The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory, by Dedeker Winston

This is a comprehensive guide on polyamory as an alternative to monogamy. It brings in practical advice that will change your perceptions above love and sex, especially if you have actually considered such things in the past. It will answer all of your questions and help you understand such relationships at a deeper level, making it one of the best-rated polyamorous books out there.

The book is based on real interviews with women involved in such relationships. It also brings in some exercises to raise confidence, communication and self-awareness. Furthermore, it teaches the reader how to overcome and get rid of jealousy.

Find out what polyamory is, understand the main things about it – jealousy and sex, discover some smart girl skills and find out how to craft your relationship from the beginning. If you are up to explore something new, this book is for you.

Decisions, Decisions, by Lucia Lentam

Kate has been in college for two years already and she is still a virgin. Her best friend is a party girl who has always managed to keep Kate safe. Jules and Kate have an unlikely relationship, even after Jules agrees that she is bisexual.

Jules goes on holiday and Kate ends up developing an unusual attraction for John. John likes her back and he agrees that he wants to be more than just a first practice boyfriend.

Now, everything seems to fall apart at a party. Kate has to choose between her boyfriend and her best friend. She knows that she could lose both of them if she refuses to choose. But on the other hand, she may also end up having both of them if she plays her cards right.


Bottom line, these are some of the best polyamory books out there, whether you are after practical guides, a deeper understanding of polyamory or just some novels covered in lust and passion.​