UPDATED May 10, 2022

Our primary interest here on Birdsheaven is the adult romance book niche, but we couldn't pass and leave it without a word that the whole adult industry is going under huge changes with the arrival of sites like Onlyfans. This will have also an effect on adult and erotic book industry too. Since the popularity of Onlyfans, there is a huge need for relevant alternative platforms for adult creators. We believe in safe erotic services and we think the future is online.

OnlyFans has become synonymous with premium adult content. While anyone can post premium content on the reputable platform, the truth is the platform is most commonly associated with sex workers. While it looks like you do not exist if you are not on OnlyFans, there are plenty of other premium content websites that might be even better.

But still there are many aspiring alternatives of Onlyfans. Let's check them!

What Are The Best OnlyFans Alternatives?


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Loyalfans Onlyfans alternative

LoyalFans is an aged adult social media site that encourages fans to pay for access to more premium content from its creators. Featuring adult-themed content, the site prides itself on having a community for every sort of creator from any country. Located in the UK, it is heavily populated by adult-oriented creators.

LoyalFans charges 20% for all money you make, whether that is through monthly subscriptions, text message tips or video sales. That's standard among sites that offer pay-per-sale services. You're paid twice a month once you have reached the minimum payout amount of $50.


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Jasmin onlyfans alternative

Compared to other websites, Jasmin.com is relatively new on the market, re-launched in 2021 with a brand new image and purpose. No it's not LiveJasmin as you may say, it's a completely different site (still adultish), but much more like Onlyfans. At first glance it is something like the adult version of Instagram with portrait pictures and non explicit content on the front page. The site has also a proper mobile web form, with great functionality almost the same as Onlyfans. 

The platform allows connecting with models and creators, the site also enables live cam feature, but it isn't a necessity. Apart from following and paying for subscriptions, you can also communicate with your favorite creators, access their premium videos, stories and pictures in exchange for some “coins”.

Jasmin is very fast and easy to use, it really has the background tech architecture unlike some other alternative Onlyfans sites. It has a straightforward interface for creators and allows sharing pictures and videos – similar to WhatsApp. Simply put, it feels like OnlyFans, but with faster speeds, and some extra functions. 

For adult creators the platform also want to offer competitive revenue share, to be a real competitor of Onlyfans. Hence Jasmin doesn't leave it's creators alone when marketing comes into question. The platform pushes a lot of traffic to its site, so their users may benefit from it. Which was never worked in case of Onlyfans, where only a few members are lucky enough to receive traffic from the site.

Overall, Jasmin is one of the best alternative to Onlyfans. 


fansly onlyfans alternative

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A rising platform, almost from nothing. It's popularity get hyped in the recent months, also some big names like Amouranth switched to this platform from Onlyfans (UPDATE: Amouranth put Onlyfans link back, but keep Fansly too). It still needs improvement in terms of mobile experience and still lack a lot of features, but it seems that the community still supports it. Some days ago, it also crashed from a group of new creators, so stability may also an issue from the side of Fansly. 

Unlike Fanlsy has no real understanding about the adult industry and payment processors, this is why we need to say that surface isn't everything copying the Onlyfans website isn't enough for success.


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IsMyGirl is not new at all – in fact, the platform has been around for years now and you might have run into it before. The platform allows people to come up with their own fan clubs – similar to what OnlyFans does. People pay for subscriptions and gain access to exclusive content. However, models prefer this website because there are plenty of other ways to make money.

Apart from interacting with fans, models can also sell some of their videos. They can provide access to Snapchat subscriptions, but they will also take live cam shows over the platform. Of course, private messages and interactions are part of the game too. Customers interested in live shows might be able to watch the same live stream over other live cam websites – depending on the model.

While OnlyFans is pushing hard to become a premium content platform for Instagram queens, celebrities and fitness models, IsMyGirl provides a more direct approach towards adult performers and sex workers. Plus, it is more organic in terms of searches and discoveries.

JustForFans (JFF)

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If you are in love with OnlyFans and you are after the exact same features, JustForFans will do it for you – plus a few extras as well. It is probably the closest platform out there. If you are familiar with OnlyFans, you will find JustForFans extremely intuitive and easy to use. The platform is newer than OnlyFans, so expect to see constant improvements with time.

Established by adult movie star Dominic Ford, JustForFans allows all genders – something you will not find on OnlyFans. You can also choose swift and ach when signing up. The primary mission of the portal is to offer an adult friendly environment for those who want to make a good income while keeping in touch with their fans.

Sex workers will love to know that JustFans provides access to model referral programs, while users can also benefit from a customer affiliate program.


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Fanvue's creators are focused on making their website a great place for their fans to find other creators and to promote their content in a fun, engaging way. As a result, they always look for ways to improve the usability of their site, making it a prime alternative to OnlyFans.

Fanvue takes a percentage of the subscription fees that you charge your supporters, the same as any other alternative to OnlyFans. Fanvue s regular fee is 20 , meaning that for each $5 you charge a fan (regardless of its being UK-based or global) you will receive $4 and will contribute $1 to Fanvue.


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FanCentro goes in two different directions. The platform runs its own program, where sex workers and adult performers can come up with shows, pictures and videos for sale. On the other hand, the platform makes it easier for others to make money over Snapchat and Instagram too.

Practically, while FanCentro is suitable for adults, Instagram and Snapchat are not. However, private accounts give you some extra freedom. At this point, selling subscriptions is not possible on these platforms, but FanCentro builds a bridge between models and their audience.

Users can buy access to private Instagram and Snapchat accounts, without the respective platforms to suspect anything. If you have always wanted to be an Instagram model without breaking the rules, this is your opportunity.

ManyVids MV Crush

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ManyVids MV Crush is just a new feature on ManyVids. The website is known for providing access to plenty of sex content, from pictures and videos to live cams, tips and requests. It has numerous features for a great interaction too. If you are after a platform similar to OnlyFans, you need to access the MV Crush – a unique feature that changes everything.

The premium subscription service allows models, stars and Instagram celebrities to charge for their premium content – which often involves uncensored pictures and videos. The website has its own fan club feature too, but MV Crush is different. Fan club members can access the uploaded content, while crush users can get more private updates by messages.

Models love ManyVids MV Crush because of the high payout rate. The portal is doing a good job at keeping it up, while the high numbers attract more and more performers.


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Unlockd is a new competitor to OnlyFans. Being established in 2020, it is similar in style to OnlyFans, only accepting content if subscribers are willing to reciprocate in some way. It also accepts adult content.

Unlockd strongly focuses on providing you with the best online content creators experience. The website was designed with input from these creators, who really valued the user experience. Their success is rooted in positive services and reasonable charges, so if you start to build a loyal fan base, that could be a profitable way you can earn from Unlockd.

There are some good sides to Unlockd's payment structure, and the most important benefit is that it costs you only 15 in order to share content, unlike OnlyFans and JFF, where you need to pay 2 and 1, respectively, and it's maximum in relation to adult sites. On the other hand, the minimum payout is at $100, which is larger than OnlyFans and JFF. So you'll need a bit longer to receive your money than you will with the other sites which provide adult content.


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ModelCentro allows models to come up with their own private content websites. Models do not require any investments or technical education, as the portal makes everything super simple with a bunch of templates. Since there are no upfront charges, models will pay a small fee whenever they make a sale – they can get over 70% of their subscription prices.

ModelCentro is a bit different from OnlyFans. While one of the best OnlyFans alternative apps, it is not a platform itself – instead, it allows models and studios to come up with their own websites, hosted on the ModelCentro website. There are lots of services, as well as the possibility to link or promote to other networks too – where clients may already have accounts.

Users will love the possibility to gain access to a model's links in one place. Plus, compared to OnlyFans, subscriptions seem to be a bit smaller.

PornHub Premium

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PornHub features an incredible traffic and allows both professionals and amateurs to upload their videos. People from all over the world access PornHub on a daily basis. The website itself is not a premium one, but one of its features – ModelHub – allows setting up private fan clubs based on premium subscription fees. This is the feature that helps models and studios make money.

Any amateur can sign up for an account – it must be verified before being allowed to establish a private fan club though. A few free videos will also help, as most people will want to know what they pay for. Therefore, models will also provide access to some free stuff. Given PornHub's impressive traffic, it represents one of the best ways to convert fans into paying clients.

Compared to other platforms, PornHub already has millions of users, so many fans will not even need to sign up particularly for this platform.

Bottom line, these are some of the best OnlyFans alternative apps and websites for adult creators, whether you are a model trying to make more money or a client trying to find some quality premium content and eye candy. Models in particular will love the possibility to diversify their income and have some backup should any unexpected situations arise – such as a celebrity joining and ruining payouts, terms and conditions.

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