A bit of erotica is suitable anytime, whether you want a bit more from your fantasies or perhaps you are after some spicy ideas to try out in bed. But when it comes to fantasies, there is one out there that everyone shares to a certain level – interracial relationships. All in all, here is some of the best interracial erotica of all time – some titles that will certainly get your mind going.

Ruined, by Viola Black

If you thought nothing could surprise you anymore in erotica, Viola Black’s story will change everything. This is not the kind of book that will bring in a story, a few plot twists and a predictable ending. What makes it stand out is the pure lust used to write it, as well as the lack of a very deep story line.

The story is given from someone’s point of view. She is the main character of the book and the reader explores the book from her direction. It is tasty for women who may share similar ideas, but also for men who want to know a bit more about what women actually think about them.

She loves him more than anything else out here. However, she knows this kind of love requires plenty of energy and she might get her heart broken. The two were together since college and their love is fantastic, but things could always go wrong. There is only one way to find out what happens.

Curvy Attraction, by Christa Wick

This book follows the story of Aiden and Cecelia. It is the first book in the Untouchable Curves collection, which brings in a few other couples and completely different story. This is the first and most exciting one. It all starts with a simple invitation – ride with me – based on three simple words.

She has a crush for him. All this attraction began more than a decade ago. Her car broke down now and she needs a lift. He is there – perfect timing. Her love for him is a well-kept secret. She would like him to know, but she knows that a simple road trip will not sort everything out.

All in all, she climbs on that bike and grabs him as he starts speeding away. It feels better and she feels like she is getting somewhere. But the ride is long and many more things are due to happen. Is she going to succeed?

The Chase, by Roman Hanz

The Chase starts with a simple story. Alisha Hall is about to become a partner in a law firm. She will be the youngest in the history of the company. She hopes everything will be alright – after all, she has spent seven years working for this company.

Jason Draper is one of her colleagues. They both joined at the same time and he is also interested in a partnership. But then, Alisha thinks he is not ready for it. He is not even trying as hard as she is, so she believes in her chance to become a partner.

The two end up working on a project together. Initially, Alisha dislikes the idea of working with Jason, but the boss insists. When they finally team up, they realize they have many more things in common. Her flesh is itching and her beautiful appearance is just as attractive for him. Will she let her sexual desires take over?

Malaya and Jared, by Charisma M. Cole

Malaya Jones has a sister and she is about to get married. Weddings are all about happiness and joy, so everyone is getting ready for the big event. However, Malaya is also a bit jealous. Her sister has found love, but Jared Goodson is not just any man – he is Malaya’s high school sweetheart.

Now, Jared has a bit of history with Malaya. In fact, Malaya is the only woman he has ever truly loved. They broke up in a nasty way just years ago and he fell in love with her sister – Shanice. The situation is a bit awkward and things are about to get messy before the wedding.

He is still attracted to Malaya, but he thinks it is just wedding jitters. However, when the two meet, he knows he still loves her. He is about to get married to the wrong sister. This is the beginning of the story. There are a couple more releases in this collection and they are all related.

Falling, by Kassanna

This is by far one of the best interracial erotica of all time, especially if you like a bit of a story too. The story follows Bobby Jack, who is an anarchist. He has always believed in racial separation – may the best man win. He has just finished his time in jail and looks up for his son. He ends up searching in the darkest places around, eventually discovering an unpleasant truth.

Whit is now looking after Bobby’s son. She has lots of problems herself too, but she could not stand the idea of seeing the poor guy being taken by child protection. She does her best to look after him. The two eventually interact. He is a monster and she is a survivor with lots of problems.

One thing leads to another and the two end up teaming up. Expect love, hatred, action and racial abuse, as well as intense sex and highly explicit scenes. Graphic violence is part of the game too, not to mention the appealing story line.

Substitute Daddy, by Dahlia Rose

Matthew Ryder is a money maker. He took the family business and turned it into an enterprise. He is good at anything he does. He loves home – away from the city and traffic. But then, a tragedy strikes. One of his best friends – Lance – dies on the ranch around Christmas. At this point, Matthew starts contemplating on the meaning of life.

He goes to meet his friend’s fiancee, who is pregnant. He never knew about her, so he keeps wondering what other secrets might be around. While still trying to figure out life, he knows that he has everything, but something is missing – perhaps this lady and her baby could fill the void.

Grace is an ebony stunner. She was not very happy in her relationship because Lance used to cheat on her. She was about to break up with him anyway. Now, Matthew seems to be interested in her, but she is about to have a baby.

Healing the Doctor, by Sherine Cook

Dr. Gregory Walt had the perfect life until tragedy hit him out of nowhere. His wife and child were both killed in an accident. It happened a year ago, but Gregory is still broken. He is still trying to heal himself, but it seems impossible. He has tried everything and nothing really seems to work.

One night changes everything for him though. A drunken stunner ends up into his hotel room. It was just an innocent mistake, but it was enough to change his life. Hailey is the party type. She smiles, laughs and dances – she is simply full of life. She is his opposite.

The doctor might be broken, but he still has it. He is good looking and successful, so he can instantly draw some positive attention. They like each other and this is when the book becomes one of the best interracial erotica out there – action, love, passion and lust. Will their relationship manage to overcome ghosts from the past?

After the Storm, by Jewelle Moore

If you have read All I’ve Ever Needed, you will be familiar with the storyline and characters. This is the erotic version of that romantic novel. The reader gets to meet Natalie Harding. Her colleague Stephano Romano is in love with her – great news, as he is both good looking and successful.

But then, one day, she sees him getting dropped off at work by a young woman. Moreover, he kisses her before leaving the car. Things start spinning in her mind and nothing seems to make sense anymore. What is going on?

She starts digging excuses he has given her in the past. One time, he had to spend the night away because his father was rushed to the hospital. Was that actually true? Natalie believes there is another woman in his life and she is ready to find out. A bit of action and a few plot twists are enhanced with lots of eroticism and explicit sexual content – the type of book that will hype up your imagination.


Bottom line, the above mentioned titles bring in the best interracial erotica of all time. Get ready to explore a completely different world based on lust and passion. In a world where interracial relationships are still not fully embraced, such sexual action is still seen as a tabu – and often a fantasy. If you count yourself in this category, embrace your imagination and let your thoughts go wild. Some of the above mentioned books have a few followups as well.