Romance books can make your day better. Not only do they leave you with positive vibes, but they also trigger your passion. Whether you are gay or straight, a good FF book will give you a deep insight into such relationships. Find out more about the struggle associated with coming out of the closet, as well as the fulfillment coming with shared love. All in all, here are some of the best lesbian romance books out there.

And Playing the Role of Herself, by K. E. Lane

Caidence Harris has finally made it. The aspiring actress has managed to land the role of a lifetime in the 9th Precinct. The hot police drama is shot in Los Angeles and covered in celebrities, so this is her opportunity to make it big. All in all, she stars along with Robyn Ward, a magnetic and stunning celebrity.

Robyn is an impressive A list celebrity around there. All in all, the two finally meet on the set. Caidence feels a bit weird about it, but she immediately realizes that the two are on the same page. Robyn is not really interested in making new friends – while gay, she has had negative experiences with women before.

On the other hand, Caidence has never kissed a woman before. As the two come closer, Caidence realizes that Robyn is only playing a role – she is far from what she lets others see. A potential connection is uncertain, but she decides to take the risk and make it happen. Will she succeed?

Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters

Looked after by Mrs. Sucksby, Sue Tinder is an orphan who actually had a nice life. The family is not perfect. Located in a slum, their house is not in the best condition. Moreover, the family is known for petty thievery – in fact, its members are known as fingersmiths.

One day, the most appreciated thief in the area kicks in. Gentleman – as people call him – is at another level. He is elegant and fun to be around. He has a proposition for Sue. He wants her to become Maud Lilly’s maid. She is naive, but gentle. More importantly, she has an incredible inheritance.

The plan is to grab the money and leave Maud in a lunatic asylum. She agrees to the plan, especially as she wants more money to give back to her family. But once in, she feels an unusual attraction for Maud Lilly. She starts caring for her, but in totally unexpected ways. The whole plan is about to fall apart then.

One Last Stop, by Casey McQuiston

August is 23 years old and moves to New York City in order to get her life sorted. She does not believe in perfect love and she believes everything in life is about work. She cannot imagine going through life with roommates, commute traffic, boredom and one failure after another. But then, things change.

One day, she meets an incredible girl on a train. Jane is charming, but also mysterious. She looks impossible at first, despite her soft and gentle smile. Then, things go wrong for Jane and the crush she gets involved in seems to be the best thing that has ever happened to her.

As the two come closer, August realizes that Jane is not just an old-fashioned punk rocker. Instead, she comes from the 1970s and she was displaced in time. August needs to try her best to help her and maybe this is the right time to change her life to 180 degrees.

Annie on My Mind, by Nancy Garden

This is probably the best wlw book out there to get hooked in if you have ever struggled with gay love. It tells the story of two teenage girls. They are best friends, but one thing leads to another and they realize they are in love. However, the bad news is that things are not always going to go in their favor.

The young girls face plenty of pressure from their families, as well as the school they attend. With all these, they promise each other to stay true to their feelings. Love is in the air, but the book is also enhanced with plenty of drama and contradictory feelings – definitely a groundbreaking challenge.

The book is often considered to be a classic. Initially released in 1982, it was banned from many school libraries and bookstores. Furthermore, it was publicly burned in Kansas City by a few protesters. It has managed to pass the test of time though and it represents an excellent read for today’s society.

Who'd Have Thought, by G. Benson

Samantha Thomson is a famous neurosurgeon with a perfect reputation. However, she has a secret. Despite her glowing career, she has to get married straight away. No one knows why, but she has an incredible deal for whoever decides to accept her agreement.

All in all, whoever marries Samantha will get $200,000 on the spot. There will be no questions asked. ER nurse Hayden Perez finds out about this deal. Struggling with money, she decides to kick in and offer herself. She knows it will be a nightmare, but she is desperate for the money involved in the deal.

The good news is the deal implies staying married for a year. Samantha is a complicated person though and living with her is a nightmare. She is cold and rude. There are times when Hayden barely accepts being around her at work, not to mention marrying her. The hardest part is convincing everyone that they are in love. Could anything go wrong here?

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics, by Olivia Waite

Lesbian romance is taken to another level in this book. It tells Lucy Muchelney’s story. Her ex-lover gets married and all she wants to do is get out of there. One day, she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth. The countess is looking for someone to translate a text from French. Lucy takes the job, looking for something to keep her distracted.

Instead of finding a serious challenge, Lucy finds a stunning woman. Catherine wants a quiet life after her husband died and this text is his ultimate scientific legacy. She wants to get it translated and complete this chapter. However, she is quite intrigued when the fresh beautiful Lucy shows up at her door.

Catherine has a thing for Lucy – a thing that challenges everything she thought she knew about herself. Meanwhile, Lucy spends days working on the complicated text and the nights falling in love with the countess. They have a connection, but sabotage and the past are about to kick in and ruin everything.

Waiting in the Wings, by Melissa Brayden

Jenna McGovern had a dream – being on the stage. She has spent her entire life training for it. She has taken all kinds of lessons and even attended a prestigious program. Her graduation came with a big surprise, as she landed a role in a top-notch Broadway touring production. This was her chance.

As she learns more about the show, she realizes she will be on the same stage with big TV star Adrienne Kenyon. What could be better than that? It seems like everything she has trained for will finally pay off. She has always waited for this opportunity, but she has to play her cards right this time.

However, there was one thing Jenna was not trained for – Adrienne. The two grow together and they realize that they must adapt to a completely different lifestyle – twists, decisions, stress and hassle. And then, there is another thing none of them was ready for… Will Jenna sacrifice everything for it?

The Gravity Between Us, by Kristen Zimmer

There is a very fine line between friendship and love – no doubts about it. The author aims to determine this line in a romantic, daring and emotional story about how far things can go. The book follows Kendall’s story. She is only 19, but she has managed to become one of the hottest young stars in the world. However, despite her posh and glamorous lifestyle, she actually wants to be a normal girl.

Payton, on the other hand, is a normal girl. She is Kendall’s best friend and she often reminds Kendall of who she really is. When she wants to go away from her celebrity lifestyle, Kendall simply gets in touch with Payton and the two chill out for a bit.

Kendall is famous now and she asks Payton to join her in LA for her sanity. But Payton has a secret. To her, Kendall is not just a friend. She is the love of her life. Will she express her love? Will she tell Kendall what she really feels for her?


Bottom line, this list could go longer. However, if you are after a good FF book or a wlw romance story, any of the above-mentioned titles will trigger your passion and challenge your emotions. They are not just above love, but also about life.​