There is something infinitely dark and alluring about a love story that isn't quite right.
The BEST Dark romance bookS could help to reveal that darkness within us!

There is something about dark subjects that many authors and readers like. But nothing beats a dark theme merged with some evil and romantic emotions in a book. That is what you get from dark romance books. These books will typically have themes of psychological abuse, BDSM, fantasy, captivity, romantic entrapment, and dubious consent because of a particular reason. Some may describe this genre as “twisted” because of how it explores taboo themes, making it gritty, depraved, and utterly addictive.

You should check out my recommendations below if you are into this genre.

 What Are The Best Dark Romance Books?

Abducted and Addicted in Hong Kong, by Miranda Reeves & Dante X (2019)

Karina was infatuated and in love with Ethan and offered him her savings to start trading again. Everything was going well until the casino owner Wang Xiu Ying discovered Ethan’s residence and paid him a visit with his bodyguards.

Ethan let them in, having no other choice. He hoped for renegotiation, but he knew this situation was now dire. Wang threatened to throw Karina out of the apartment if Ethan didn’t immediately pay his debt.

Wang and his bodyguards made Ethan kneel with a gun in his mouth and dragged Karina outside the apartment. As the bodyguards were about to throw Karina to die, Wang said something in Chinese, and she was then taken back inside, where she learned about Ethan’s debt. She, however, couldn’t help with the debt.

Wang was not ready to kill both of them since that would mean losing all his money. His plan became to use Ethan’s girlfriend since she was nice, young, and sexy, just like many of his clients liked. She was going to earn him money as Ethan did his trading.

Ward, by Margot Scott (2022)

Grace lost her parents and ended up in the care of a step-uncle Aiden who she had never met. Despite their more than twenty-year age gap, Aiden still wants Grace as his. Aiden enjoys a lifestyle that he tries to hide from Grace. He believes that he and his Dom friends can keep hosting BDSM parties as she goes for her ballet classes.

That’s until Grace becomes part of one of these parties, and she gets enthralled with Aiden’s world. She still wants to go to her ballet school but wants to become Aiden’s sub too. Being underage, she is forbidden to participate. Aiden, however, decides to train her as a service sub.

Everything is going well, and Aiden trusts the two will transition once Grace turns eighteen into a Dom/sub who excludes sexual activity in and outside their play scenes. But this is not what Grace expects, and her uncle will have to decide how to handle a young sub who has captured his heart and, at the same time, stay true to the rules he set years ago.

Obsession, by Meg Anne & K. Loraine (2022)

Sunday is the heir to the Fallon Wolfpack and is sent to the Ravenscroft University, a graduate school with elite supernatural beings. She has come here after rejecting her fated mate, and her only mission now is to find her wolf. Sunday has spent all her life in a gilded cage and locked away with no protection since she was born broken, and she is a disappointment to her pack. She is a wolf who can’t shift.

When Sunday arrives, everyone immediately ostracizes her except her roommate Moira. Moira is a dynamic and playful witch. The arrogant wolf shifter who also ruined her life is here, which causes her more isolation.

Sunday’s journey leads her to four different men: Kingston, Noah, Alek, And Caleb. She strongly feels a deep connection to them all. But how can she choose only the one when her heart is torn? Her past won’t leave her alone, and she is playing a dangerous game with rules that say she can’t be with them. But again, rules are to be broken. Every moment she spends with these men, she is closer to finding her wolf.

Scarred, by Emily Mcintire (2022)

If you enjoy dark royal romance, Scarred is a must-read. It is a tale of two characters who are thirsty for revenge. Sara aims to become the queen, but that means one thing. She will have to marry the man she hates to end his tyrannical and evil bloodline that caused her father’s death. On the other hand, Tristan wants revenge on the brother who broke and tortured him when they were young and to claim what he has a right to. That includes Sara, his brother’s betrothed.

Tristan is an enigmatic alpha terrible guy and a tortured soul, while Sara is burdened with responsibility and family loyalty. Even with his personality, Tristan is not ready for Sara. He would rather rid her from the earth than have to live to see how she tempts him, only for her to leave him with empty arms.

Sara and Tristan will spend some time together, which is how they will fall. Sara can’t resist him, and she constantly wonders how she is attracted to him.

Church, by K G Reuss (2022)

Sirena has been living a traumatic and chaotic life. She survived the inconceivable at a very young age after her best friend tried to kill her. Life doesn’t seem to get any easier for her, and she is sent to Chapel Crest. This is a religious academy, but it is packed with dark secrets. Sirena’s stepfather has deemed her a heathen, but this seems like a blessing compared to living with him and her mom. She envisions Chapel Crest as a sanctuary, but she is wrong. The religious academy is an asylum. It is where the staff punishments or meds take out your head demons.

Sirena is now stuck in a new and depraved world. If this place is not going to break her, Dante Church and his fellow bullies will. They refer to themselves as the Watchers. They are dark and ruthless and everything she should avoid. But something might be wrong with her since thinking about being on her knees for them is appealing to her, even if it means praying for her survival.

This is definitely not an everyday gothic romance story from the best dark romance books.

The Sacrifice, by Kitty Thomas (2022)

Macy caught the bouquet during her best friend’s wedding. But she was not even dating, which made her confident she wouldn’t be next. Well, until someone from the past showed up. The two had promised each other that they would get married by thirty if neither of them was married by then.

But someone else takes Macy captive and informs her that she is now a sacrifice and property. She is to be the payment of a debt she doesn't know and one that has nothing to do with her. She wishes she could return to her old and boring but safe life. This cannot be her fairy tale.

Macy will bear the pressure of society’s expectations about her sexual desires. She and Colin will become more entangled, and she will have to travel her journey, something she didn’t have a choice to do. Their unconventional relationship will create a stronger and more authentic bond amid unorthodox decisions.

Taken as Collateral, by Em Brown (2022)

Priscilla is no beauty, but she’d rather be trapped with a beast and not a gangster who says she belongs to him. But she gets into a situation and shows up at Allesandro’s place of business to get her payment. She and her brother stole a painting for Rafe Lee, but it has now gone missing. Rafe is part of a ruthless triad and not someone you would want to cross.

Rafe decides to take Priscilla and Allessandro hostage until he can retrieve the painting. He keeps her in his sprawling villa packed with priceless artwork after kidnapping her, and she is now the painting’s collateral. She only has seven days. Otherwise, she and Allessandro will die.

Priscilla will be attracted to Rafe, who teaches her to be submissive, something she enjoys.

Broken by Sin, by B. B. Hamel (2022)

For a long time, torturing Karah has been Nico's hobby. She is confident she doesn’t care for him at all. He can eat glass or disappear forever, and she wouldn’t feel anything.

But Karah’s father wants her to get married to another Mafia family. This will only make Karah leave the life she has known since this family is across the country in Texas. She also doesn’t want to get married to a Russian. She asks her father for some time to find a husband.

Left with no other choice, she makes a deal with Nico, the devil. Karah knows that if she marries Nico, she will get to stay in Phoenix and still be around everyone she cares about.

But they both hate each other. Karah, however, becomes attracted to Nico even though she knows that the attraction is dangerous. Nico is in a stressful situation and is out for revenge.

Final Thoughts on the Best Dark Romance Books

If you enjoy dark romance novels, you will not go wrong with the books on this list. They are the perfect fusions of erotica, romance, fear, pleasure, and desire.

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