Abs Lust Homework by Ty Debauchee


Everything is more fun naked! Especially homework!

Through sheer repetition Garrett's pathetic excuse for a father convinces him that he is dimwitted. In spite of Garrett's brilliance, he genuinely believes he is stupid.

Consequently, Garrett is doing poorly in his high school classes and failing in Algebra. Desperately afraid his poor grades will bench him from the basketball team, Garrett still shows no interest in Ty's offer to tutor him. Garrett knows he is a lost cause and tutoring will just be frustrating and painful.

However, Ty believes the best homework motivator is your boyfriend's anatomy. Can Ty's use Strip Algebra and Algebra For Sex to tease out excellence? You want this book in your library. Someday, you just might need Ty's lustful manipulations.

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