A Bard’s Curse by Shay Freeman


A Bard and His Elf Book 1

Fan of Fantasy Romance? Looking for MFF and Manège adventures?

Dive into the enthralling first installment of the ‘A Bard and his Elf‘ series, A Bard's Curse, a tantalizing tale where passion meets enchantment. In this steamy romance, Ash, a charismatic bard with a soulful voice and deft fingers, finds his world forever changed when he crosses paths with Lirael, a captivating elf maiden whose allure is as mysterious as the forest she hails from.

A Bard's Curse is a dance of seduction and magic, of two souls from different worlds discovering a connection that defies the odds. Each encounter, charged with desire and danger, draws Ash and Lirael closer, their growing passion as powerful as the dark magic they seek to overcome.

Set against a backdrop of ancient prophecies and hidden secrets, their romance is a melody that weaves through the very fabric of their being, a song of love, longing, and liberation. The heat of their love is a force that challenges the shadows, their union a testament to the power of love in a world brimming with mysteries.

Perfect for readers who crave fantasy infused with intense romance, A Bard's Curse promises a journey filled with heart-pounding moments, tender revelations, and a love that burns as bright as the fiercest flame. Embark on this journey with Ash and Lirael in ‘A Bard and his Elf' series, and surrender to the spellbinding allure of A Bard's Curse.

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Ash trudged down the forest path, the weight of his lute comfortably nestled against his back. His long auburn hair blew all around his face as cool breezes made their way through, cooling the summer morning. As his boots crunched over the autumn leaves, a cheerful melody hummed from his lips, a tune as light and wandering as his own spirit. The forest around him was alive with the songs of birds and the rustling of small creatures in the underbrush, a natural symphony that harmonized perfectly with his tune.

For Ash, the life of a wandering bard was not just a choice; it was a calling. With every step, every strum of his lute, he felt a deep connection to the world around him. The path he walked was worn by the footsteps of many, but to Ash, each journey was unique, a new adventure waiting to unfold. He cherished the freedom that came with his lifestyle, the way the road always led to a new town, new faces, and new stories to tell.

His lute, a finely crafted instrument with intricate inlays, was more than just a tool for his trade; it was his constant companion, his voice to the world. As he walked, his fingers itched to play, to fill the forest with melodies that could make the trees dance and the rivers sing along. His music was his magic, a way to connect, to bring joy, to heal.

The life of a bard was not always easy. It meant days of walking through rain and shine, nights spent under the stars, and sometimes playing for a meal or a place to sleep. But to Ash, the hardships were a small price to pay for the joy of storytelling, of spreading laughter and tears through his songs and tales.

As he neared the edge of the forest, the trees began to thin, revealing glimpses of the town ahead. Ash's heart lifted with anticipation. Each town brought new experiences, new inspirations for his songs. He wondered what stories awaited him there, what faces would light up at the sound of his music. With a spring in his step and a tune on his lips, Ash stepped out of the forest, ready to embrace whatever adventure awaited him in the town beyond.

As Ash rounded the bend, the tranquility of the forest was violently disrupted by raucous shouts. He quickened his pace, his hand instinctively reaching for the lute slung across his back. In his travels, Ash had often found that music could defuse tensions, transform anger into peace, and bring a semblance of harmony to the most chaotic situations. But the scene he stumbled upon this day was far from the usual tavern brawls or market disputes. Or in the case that it didn’t his lute was not just ordinary trash.  He could, and has, beat someone senseless with it like a warrior wielding a club.

In a small clearing, a tableau of violence unfolded before his eyes. A male elf, with eyes ablaze with a ferocious intensity, loomed over a blonde elf maiden. His wand, a slender rod of dark wood, was pointed threateningly at her. The air crackled with the energy of unspoken spells, and as the elf spat curses, the maiden shrank back, her face a portrait of fear and desperation.

Her sheer white dress was almost see-through already, but her top was open revealing her bare chest.  Not intentionally, Ash noticed her pale porcelain skin and light pink nipples. Her breasts were firm and perky, with her nipples pointing slightly up.

He gulped, realizing his natural arousal.

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